Blogging 101, Assignment 2, My name…. EvAntArt

Creative art by Evelyn Antonysen…. what a mouthful. In fact I jokingly said to my husband that I should have married someone with a shorter surname! So if that is too long and too hard to spell, just what do I call my blog? Because this blog is about sharing my art I wanted something that carried the names I use for signing… but not as long as the full Evelyn Antonysen. On miniatures I often shorten this to EvAnt… or even just a line drawing of an ant… You try signing a miniature with a name of 15 characters! I can’t name a blog with a drawing of an ant so I went with EvAnt…. (from EVelynANTonysen)….. then added Art as that is what, as an art addict, this is all about for me. But much of my art is about Tasmania, that is special to me, so that is my tag line (at least I think that is what you call the bit under my name). I did contemplate confessions of an art addict or exploring creativity…. but I could go on for ever with ideas searching for the perfect one. I just wanted to get started. So I settled on a rather boring, I suppose, but very special for me, Fine Art from Tasmania to identify one major recurrent influence…. the fact that I am fortunate to live in (arguably) the most beautiful place on earth.