This is really about mark making. Much of the fun in painting for me comes from varying the marks/brushstrokes on the painting surface. Sumi E is a wonderful way to explore this.

December 2nd …….. brush painting workshop.

Forth Art Studio 51 George St FORTH.

Starts 10a.m. Finish 3 p.m.

$45 for full day All materials included. includes tea/coffee but byo lunch.

Also called Sumi E, Chinese Brush Painting or Japanese Ink painting. Especially good for watercolourists and anyone who wants to learn some Zen art principles. Understand brush selection and explore descriptive and evocative mark-making with a brush and ink/paint. Good drawing skills are not needed as they can be an advantage but sometimes a disadvantage… Come and learn why.

Image glass sculpture with sumi E figures

Evelyn Antonysen