Burnie Creative paper at the Makers Workshop: watercolours

Last time I was at the Makers Workshops in Burnie Darren gave me a couple of A4  pieces of handmade paper to try watercolour on. I have painted both sides of one and the rougher side of the other. The paint does not bleed through which is good as I found both sides receptive.. I really enjoyed using it. I feel my experience with very soft, rough textured papers such as Fabriano Torchon extra rough and Art Basics torchon was a good background. I personally loved the rougher one most… I do like texture. Possibly, if you are a devotee of Arches paper only, (and I know some watercolourists are) it may take a little getting used to. I am still to try the smooth surface which may have a different feel. For those who like to experiment you must try it…. you will be pleased you did. I will have to include one in my exhibition “Touch” at the Wonders of Wynyard in September.

The blue wren which crept in is an incomplete commission work for Mike (not on Burnie Makers Paper). I may do a wren on the remaining smooth side of the Burnie paper. It is important to choose a subject to suit the surface and painting medium. [slideshow]