Children’s Art… Paint on ceramics

[slideshow]Yesterday I took 2 half day workshops for children at my Forth studio. Participants were each given a purchased ceramic plate (various sizes) on which to paint a design of their choice. Getting started is tough so I talked a little about stimulus materials and had various  resources available. They drew some idea roughs on paper then I talked about and demonstrated how to use the oven cured  paints. These are tricky to work with as they slip and easily lift off the surface, so overworking or “scrubbing” is not good. We used soft brushes and gently applied the colour. Some used a Porcelain 160 pen to outline. Working within a circle rather than a rectangular format is quite different. They took their treasures home with instructions to fire in their home ovens.

(Sorry about the sideways pics… I have rotated them but when they upload many seem to want to revert)