Encaustic paintings as wearable art… encaustic art bracelet

I am currently loving doing these miniature paintings with pigmented wax… encaustic art… and putting them in jewellery settings. I guess the buying public like them too as they are selling well.

I often use the more transparent wax and build up layers so the colours glow. They look so 3D… well I suppose they are in a fashion as the wax has depth. This is an example of a floral one, but some suggest landscape and yet others are abstract… relying on the colour and unique textures that caan be obtained for their appeal. The soft wax painting is protected by glass.

I am always experimenting and inventing new artworks and these are my current fav. It is another style where absolute control is not possible…. and indeed,

encaustic bangle $33

encaustic bangle $33

for me, not desirable as that would ruin the excitement I feel as I create each new piece and wonder what will evolve. (They retail for $33, and there will NEVER be 2 the same)