I love orange

I have never thought of myself as a big fan of orange. Is it a new post-cataract surgery colour vision thing?. Is it the hot weather making me subconsciously feel I have to paint the heat? I really don’t know but these are two recent small works on canvas.
“Industrial” is true mixed media… I almost threw everything at it. Starting with acrylic, partly applied with a palette knife  in impasto style with texture media and some mica paste, I then used encaustic and a few spots of gold leaf. I love the textures… some flat, thin passages, others thick and luscious with the richness of pigmented beeswax.
“Global warming?” is a luminous acrylic where I have experimented with new ways of applying the paint using, in part, crackle medium which did not work the way it should. That was great as I love the way the surface is subtly broken in places. I would love to repeat this in a larger work but I think it is truly a one-off as I don’t know if the same “mistakes” will happen again!!! It possibly works better smaller anyway as small encourages the viewer to look more closely at that textural surface.