Just for fun… felt crab

Last night I made this felt crab. I wanted to see if fabric glue was OK instead of sewing the bits together. It is, but I had to hold it together firmly for a while. I used butterfly clips for this and they worked really well. I sewed on beads for the eyes to suggest the way crabs eyes are on stalks. If giving to a very young child, felt eyes, and all sewn rather than glue is safer. I sewed a small pin on the back of this so it can be put on a hat, bag or jacket. Today I will be at a Creative art workshop at Burnie Regional Art Gallery helping others make all sorts of sea creatures from assorted materials, including knitting and crocheting. This crab was to get my mind into the right mode. The workshop is part of a local project called Hooked…. from mountain dragons to handfish…. which looks at the local marine environment and inhabitants and translates that into creating artflet crab