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Both the facebook links to the right, or searching with EvAntArtTas will take you to my facebook page. Why not visit and click like. I hope you enjoy the page. Maybe you will receive my special thank you gift of a pack of 4 art cards which I will give to a lucky liker when I reach 100 likes….. the pack will include a Tasmania in miniature print card, a Tasmania Photocard, one containing an original silk painting, and one with an encaustic (hot wax) painting.
Why EvAntArtTas?….. Evelyn Antonysen is too long and not easy to spell. Shortening gives Ev Ant which is already taken and on Facebook EvAntArt was also being used so we added Tas as that is where I am so happy to live… In Tasmania (Tas) the best little island in the world….the inspiration behind my art.