Silk shawl/veil

At the Makers Workshop in Burnie yesterday this lovely young lass tried one my silk shawl on for size. Made from 5 mommie silk they are wonderful for an elegant but not overdone wrap as the weather cools. I wore one recently to my niece”s and new nephew’s recent wedding (Cassie and Brentley Woods). A perfect day but quite hot and I knew it would be too cool for me later. The handpainted silk shawl was the perfect solution. It is light, dressy, colourful, very feminine, does not overheat one in hot weather but provides amazing warmth for its weight as the temperature drops. handpainted silk veil light teal  MG216

cyan shawl
On Friday I sold a lovely “blues” one… primarily warm marine blue tending to purples and midnight blue with a touch of white and cyan creeping in to add life. The lady who purchased it will take it on the cruise she is going on. Mental images of standing on deck with the shawl fluttering and elegant dress for formal dinners and dancing. Perfect but she did not buy the matching handpainted brooch which can attach it in place to your clothing, so she had better hold on or tie it when on deck.