Tarkine Coast, Tasmanian Wilderness, photos

Over Easter I will be joining a group of artists on a special visit to the Tarkine Wilderness of the West Coast of Tasmania. The aim of the expedition is to promote the importance of keeping this unique area as it is for future generations. There is so much natural...

Beach characters

I do not spend much time on the computer today… was out in the sunshine and fresh air trying to get some photos of birds. A bit windy for many to venture out but this pair of Pacific Gulls certainly had personality plus

One Word Photo Challenge: Persimmon

Yes, I said I was getting hooked on these photo challenges. From Cee’s wonderful Blog I found Jennifer’s so here are my “persimmon” photos. I love the warmth of these and others I have been viewing on her site.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”

Dune shadow

Dune shadow

Half light portraits with shadow on the face are  usually so much more artistic than those fully lit. But what about applying this to landscape shots? I am often drawn to the shadows. No, not to hide, but for the patterns they make.  This sand dune is much more interesting with the photo taken late in the day ,with the saw tooth shadow up the beach, than it would be if taken with full light on the dune front.

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Dragon reflections

Oh dear, this art blog is turning into a photography one. There are so many more photo blogs out there than painting ones and many have challenges which I enjoy. I could put out painting challenges (may do) but they take more time to do. Also photography is so...