Watercolour with Intense Colour

For an artist who has been known locally for soft gentle watercolours with mists etc this is an exciting depature. Some of my Wednesday class friends have been coming for years and it can be tricky to provide new exciting challenges. This demo was painted in Koh-i-noor Intense watercolours. They come in a round disc set of twelve colours (the traditional non-intense ones will not give the same results and other brand discs watercolours are not as good). I retail the Intense Koh-i-noor disc sets for $13. The colours are sooooo vibrant. They do stain so are good for glazing which was a technique used in this work. Due to their staining nature however they do not lift, especially on the Arches paper which I chose for this work. Still life is not common in my repetoire but I did enjoy the colours and the freedom to create whatever shapes I liked to form my composition. The composition evolved from an initial flooding of colours over a partial drawing. I utilized watermarks and appearing edges to form bottle shapes. With a different method a more considered composition would result but oh! the joy of the evolution af a less structured work. Serendipity!