Watercolour workshop… watercolour for relaxation

I am so pleased with the watercolours done by the people who came to today’s session. The results were so varied that you would hardly expect that they were  done at the same session.  Using a limited palette of the cool primaries with an extra blue (ultramarine) we first painted the “atmosphere”. Responding to what happened on their paper each participant “read” their beginning and added the trimmings. This is quite a different approach to copying an image and working within pre-conceived limits. It stretches creativity, ensures the creation is your own and the results are delightfully varied as you can see. The process can be a bit scary at the beginning but I believe you do learn more about how watercolour behaves than by constantly copying photos. The goal was to relax, learn a little about painting with watercolour in a wet manner, enjoy watching the watercolour do its thing and if possible make a unique, individual artwork.

(a couple have been posted twice and one is unfinished)